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ACG's staff of specialists provides a wide range of technical, analytical and hands-on conservation skills in metal, ceramic, stone, glass, wood and painting technology. They have experience in two- and three-dimensional works of art across cultures and epochs, including:

•   Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Ancient Near East
•   Eastern Archaeological materials
•   New World Archaeological materials
•   Native American, Africa and Oceania
•   Southeast Asian, Tibetan, Indian, Chinese and Japanese
•   European migration, Middle Ages and Renaissance
•   European, North American and Latin American Modern and Contemporary sculpture and decorative art
•   Outdoor sculpture

Specialty services include:

•   Anoxic fumigation
•   Pre-purchase examination of fine arts and antiquities
•   Fine art mold remediation
•   pXRF analysis 

•   Short and long term preservation planning, collection condition surveys
•   On-site consultations and examinations
•   On-site treatment of difficult-to-transport works and large sculptures
•   Long-term, conservation appropriate exhibition and storage facility planning
•   Large project management and exhibition installation co-ordination
•   Anoxic fumigation

We maintain a strong working relationship with a large network of both private conservators and conservation support professionals including: conservation scientists, paper and textile conservators, climate control specialists, mount-makers, framers, art installers, fine art handlers and packers. All conservation treatments are documented as outlined in the American Institute for Historic and Artistic Works of Art Code of Ethics.